ATGNIphotoworks | Fee Structure & Information



Thank you for your interest. The following fee schedule is presented for your approval:


Photographer - $110.00 per hour.


Post Production Work - $25.00 per hour.


Lighting/Studio Technician - $25.00 per hour.


Make Up & Hair Artist/Shooting Director - starting at $30.00 per hour.


Backup Photographer - $60.00 per hour.


Mileage - $0.50 per mile outside of the greater Flagstaff area.


        A typical photo shoot will take approximately one to two hours. I highly recommend that you take advantage of the Lighting Technician and Shooting Director. These talented people will speed things along, control several aspects of the shoot and help keep your end cost down. If we are photographing

a once-in-a-lifetime event, use the Backup Photographer.  


       A good estimate for the average shoot could be as little as $135.00 or as much as $250.00 for a one hour session. Your costs can be controlled by eliminating a function such as Makeup Artist or Lighting Technician. Estimates contained herein are for digital imaging on location only. Studio/Studio Set fees can be substantially higher. Film photography estimates available upon request. Fees are negotiable.

New model portfolio building TFP considered. 


      Images that satisfy the goals of our session will be approximately 9 inches x 6 inches "print ready", at least 300 ppi, and presented to you on DVD or made available for secure download.  


       Please email me at for details about my satisfaction guarantee or other questions you may have.
 your service in Flagstaff, Arizona.